Slaughterhouse S.
Poolbank Lane
Kingston Upon Hull
HU15 1PX

Please remember boots are mandatory and helmets are highly advised

* Slaughter House S. hold no responsibility if you get lost

Here are the directions

Drive out of Hull heading towards Brough.
You will pass the Welton turning at this point.
Pull into the left hand lane.
Once past the Shell Garage start to reduce your speed and put your left hand indicator on.
You will see a large bill board through the trees on the left, at this point it is less than 100ft from you.
Next left hand turn off the A63
this is a very sharp left hand of a 70mph road make sure you slow down with plenty of time. If you miss the turn come off at the Brough turning and head back round back on the A63 come off at Welton and go back round.

Site limits are 350 AEG and all weapons are to be tested.